Interior Architecture FAQs

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Interior Architecture FAQs

Q1: What is the difference between Architecture and Interior Architecture?

Interior architecture is a term, which had been coined, probably in the last 10 years or so (probably by the Americans) to discern between Interior Design, which the course had always been known by adding “architectural elements” into the then ID program. Architecture elements would mean subjects, which are inherent to the Architecture program in the past that deals primarily with technical aspects of the building industry. This would include subjects such as Building Technology & Construction, Building Sciences & Services, Building By-Laws, Contract & Documentation and Building Quantities & Specification.

Architects focus on the building form, space planning and the building in relation to the surrounding environment while Interior Architects focus on the spaces provided inside the building envelop to cater to the needs and functions of the purpose and intent of the occupants in providing an ambience befitting its specific usage.

Q2: Is Interior Architecture the same as Interior Design?

Interior Architecture is Interior Design with added knowledge and more in-depth understanding of the technical issues surrounding the required body of knowledge, which the Interior Designer should know. This would enable them anticipate, identify and provide solutions to the architecturally related problems which arise at the on set of the design process or at the building site during the construction phase.

Q3: What are the career prospects for interior architecture?

The Interior Architecture industry is very large in this country and still growing. Options of interior related jobs range from a professional Interior Design Consultant, a turnkey design consultant, an ID project manager, an ID design illustrator, an ID detailer, a furniture designer, an ID assistant QS, an ID sales designer, an ID project co-ordinator, an ID site supervisor, a kitchen sales designer, a tile sales designer, etc.

Q4: How much does it cost to do this programme?

To submit the enquiry tab to get the latest fee structure, as well as promotional/offers

Q5: What will I learn?

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Q6: How does your interior architecture programme compare to XYZ’s interior architecture programme?

ALFA’s IA programme is 70% practical and skill-based. Our program prepares graduates for the job market because it has offers a balance in the aesthetic, technical and professional aspects of Interior Architecture.

Two unique features of our IA programme are the subjects of Material Study & Installation and Furniture Study– both important components in this field of study. 12

Q7: Can I transfer to overseas university for a degree programme?

You may do so with the partner universities or you can apply to others on your own with your earned ALFA Diploma and portfolio(subject to individual university evaluation)

Q8: What university can I transfer to?

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Q9: What is the entry requirement for transfer?

ALFA Diploma – CGPA 2.000 or higher (generally subject to university’s requirement)

Q10: To which year do I transfer to?

Generally you may be transferred to the 1st or 2nd semester of the 2nd year, of a 3 or 4-year degree program (subject to your portfolio evaluation by the said university)

Q11: Where can I find more information about interior architecture?

Find out more from MIID (Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers).

Q12: Can I switch programme and do architecture instead?

Some overseas universities endorse this program by allowing graduates of the ALFA Interior Architecture Diploma Program to continue and switch over to a full Architecture Degree subject to a ‘bridging program’. (To check with respective universities for actual requirement and subject to individual student portfolio submission) These universities include Tasmania University, Tasmania & Robert Gordon University, England.

Q13: What does an interior architect do?

Design residences, commercial –retail, eatery & offices & institutional projects- colleges ,schools, kindergartens ,clinics, centres, etc from conceptualization to presentation to working drawing to tender & documentation to supervision to handover.

Q14: Is it a professional profession?

The MSID & IPDM would soon be forming a professional body to regulate the entry requirements and qualifications of the working members of the Interior Design Industry & a 3-year full time diploma qualifies as an entry requirement. All members of this professional body would deem to be professionals in the ID industry.

Q15: If I study in IA, can I work in an Architecture firm?

Some architectural firm has its own interior architecture (IA) or Interior Design (ID) department. So you may work in its IA or ID department.