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Q1: What is Architecture?

Architecture is a combination of both art and science. In this programme, you’ll learn to design and develop buildings, and plan and manage the development process.

The programme will cover 3 categories:
1. Residential
2. Commercial
3. Institutional

Q2: What is the difference between Architecture and Interior Architecture?

Architecture focus on the building form and aesthetics, space planning, and the building in relation to the surrounding environment while Interior Architecture focus on the spaces provided inside the building envelop to cater to the needs and functions of the purpose and intent of the occupants in providing an ambience befitting its specific usage.

Q3: How do I become a Registered Architect?

See below:-

Local University
After SPM:-
PART 1 and Part 2 (minimum 6 Years) :
STPM (2 years) + Bachelor in Architecture (5 years)

PART 3 :

  • Gather compulsory working experience after Part 2 (minimum 2 years experience)
  • Pass the professional examination set by your local Board of Architects

Private College / Institution
After SPM:-
PART 1 (minimum 4 Years) :

  • Diploma (2 ½ yrs) + BSc. Architecture (1 or 2 yrs) from an institution recognized by your local Board of Architects
  • A-Levels (2yrs) /Foundation (1 yr) + BSc. Architecture (3 yrs)

PART 2 (+ 2 Years) :
Obtain a Masters Degree (2yrs)

PART 3 :

  • Gather compulsory working experience after Part 2 (minimum 2 years experience)
  • Pass the professional examination set by your local Board of Architects (LAM-Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia)

Q4: How much does it cost to do this programme?

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Q5: What are the minimum entry requirement?

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Q6: Will I be able to get employment with just a diploma?

Sure. ALFA’s skill-based course equips graduates for the job market.

Q7: What are the career prospects in the architecture field?

Not just as an architect but also as project manager, architecture illustrator (manual or using computer—good money even as freelancers), contractor, etc.

Q8: Can I transfer to overseas university for a degree programme?

To Partner University logo’s / Programme page.

Q9: To which year do I transfer to?

You may transfer to 1st semester or 2nd semester of the second year of the degree. For University of Tasmania and University of Newcastle, you may transfer to 3rd year, depending on your results.

Q10: How much will it cost to do a transfer?

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Q11: Architecture – The University of Tasmania & The University Newcastle credit transfer takes only 1 year. But other University takes 2 years. Why? Is there a difference in the quality?

Every university has their own philosophy which influences the subjects that makes up the courses. Some other universities’ courses may be more academic or theoretical. For example, Cambridge University would have more subjects that are research based, while a polytechnic university would have more subjects that are skill-based.
ALFA College’s Diploma courses are skilled-based, exit programs. In creating a degree pathway linkage, ALFA College has sent its diploma course outline to the University of Tasmania & the University of Newcastle for ‘mapping’ of subjects. There was a good match in the ‘mapping’ process, thus ALFA students can enter straight into 3rd year degree. The quality is assured because both are reputable universities. This goes to prove that ALFA Diploma in Architecture is of high standards and is industry relevant.

Q12: Explain to me more about ALFA’s affiliated universities - which university is better?

All our affiliated universities are good universities. You may find out more about these universities online. Another factor in considering which university to go to is the country of preference. You can also visit for more information.

Q13: How much is the starting pay of an ALFA architect graduate?

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Q14: Is it easy to get a job when I graduate with an architecture degree?

Yes if you have a good portfolio, you can get a job.

Q15: Where can I get more information about the architecture profession?

Find out from Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) [Malaysian Institute of Architects] and Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM) [Board of Architects Malaysia]

Q16: Must I be registered with PAM/ LAM?

Yes, if you want to set up your own architecture firm.

Q18: After I study Diploma in AR at ALFA, can I specialize in other fields like landscape designing and urban design when I take my degree?

There may be a ‘mapping’ (matching of similar subjects) problem when you want to do your credit transfer because the subjects of studies will be different. Hence, you may be exempted only 1 or 2 semesters. The Diploma in AR at ALFA prepares you to pursue a career pathway in Architecture.

Q19: After I get my Diploma, what kind of job can I get? I don’t have enough funds to further my degree right away. What is your recommendation?

Upon getting your Diploma in AR @ALFA, you can work in an Architect Firm. You will be able to do more than just a draughtsman job. For example, you can become a technical assistant or architectural assistant. With your training and education at ALFA, you are able to do design work with the supervision of an Architect. We would recommend that you can work and save enough funds to further your degree studies and eventually to become a certified Architect. Your working experience gained after Diploma, can also help you to excel in obtaining your degree, masters and eventually LAM certification.

Q20: After I study Diploma in AR @ALFA, can I find job as an Interior Designer?

There are architects in the job market who practice as interior designer. You have the best of both worlds by studying Diploma in Architecture at ALFA.