Ong Wan Hoong


Majored in Graphic Design & Class of 1998

Top-Rated TVC Art Director

Job Title: TV Commercial Art Director

Company: Founder of 2fo Chopstick


  1. Nippon Paint
  2. F&N Green Tea
  3. Twisties Chips
  4. Coca-Cola
  5. Shanghai-China Roca TVC
  6. South Africa’s TVC we bank
  7. France dish washing liquid, la croix

Ong Wan Hoong

With a strong fascination for drawing since childhood, Wan Hoong says he knew graphic design was his passion. From a family of humble means, Wan Hoong is grateful that his parents and two sisters believed in him and supported his choice.

He chooses ALFA College for its extensive graphic design programme. “At ALFA, the lecturers had us work on team projects which are important because in the real world, advertisement projects and commercials are produced by teams,” remarked Wan Hoong.

He regards ALFA College as an important staging ground for the career success he has enjoyed. He was fortunate to get early experience with different types of graphic design projects including illustration, typography and package design at his first advertising job.

His talent for drawing storyboards led him to set design and art production for TV Commercials. Wan Hoong has formed his own production company, 2fo Chopstick. His video portfolio includes commercial work for Nippon Paint, F&N Green Tea, Softlan, Twisties Chips and most notably the Coca-Cola TV commercial for China which featured Wang Lee Hom and Carmen Soo.

“Believe in what you do, and stay positive. Be persistent, and challenge yourself to be the best.” That is the advice Wan Hoong offers to those considering TV commercial production work.

“Be persistent and challenge yourself to be the best…”