Charles Lim


Majored in Architecture & Class of 2003

The passion for Design and Business

Job Title: Director

Company: ZX Atelier Sdn. Bhd.


  1. Lavender Height, Malaysia
  2. Whitsunday Business Cntre, Australia
  3. Elizabeth College & Lilydale District College, Australia
  4. Taylors Hill Shopping Centre, Australia
  5. Emerald Shopping Centre, Australia – IGA Wauchope, Australia (Shopping Centre Redevelopment)

Charles Lim

After graduating from ALFA College, Charles continued his studies at the University of Tasmania, Tasmania. Following graduation from UTAS, Charles worked in a large design firm in Melbourne which exposed him to sizeable residential, university, commercial and healthcare projects. In 2010, together with fellow ALFA alumnus Damon Kok, Charles opened the Architecture firm of ZX Atelier in Malaysia.

Charles encourages design students to travel to gain insight and inspiration. Study trips, like the ones offered ata ALFA College, are “important because seeing different places help stduents grow as architects. Students become exposed to different design culture. Design is not just about studying in classrooms. The world can serve as our classroom and inspire creative ideas”.

“Study trips help students grow as Architects”