Unity in Diversity and Multiracial

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Unity in Diversity and Multiracial

Taylors University, Subang Jaya – On 7th October 2019, a group of students of University of South Australia (UniSA) doing a presentation with ALFA International College students about similarity and relationship between Australia and Malaysia. The presentation is similarity and relationship in a different perspective such as culture, ethics, belief, and lifestyles.

The observation from 20 students of UniSA in three weeks trip in Malaysia in many perspectives being presented as a process of understanding and sharing knowledge in the culture of Malaysia that multiracial and diversity such as in food, race, religion, belief and many more. This case attracts students to do the presentation that was monitored by Dr. Daniel Biro, Lecturer of School of Creative Industry at the University of South Australia (UniSA).

The program will bring up good value and respect for other cultures and beliefs. Diversity and multiracial is not a problem but makes us respect more about each other and making a relationship.

Tara Gardiner of UniSA students sharing how to play Australian Football and what is about Australian Football League about
AFL Asia in Malaysia. A study about Australian Football in Malaysia and participation of Malaysia team Malaysian Warriors Women in AFL Asia

Tara Gardiner students of UniSA present about Australian Football influence in Malaysia and what Australian Football League (AFL) all about.

Lecturers of UniSA Dr Daniel and Dr Pablo trying to speak in Malaysia slang “Lah, Wey Ah”

One of UniSA students also present about comparison and study of Malaysian Slang in English language daily conversation

History of Coffee Cultre in Malaysia and Australia. A comparison

One of the UniSA students also present about History of Coffee Culture in Malaysia and Australia also a comparison between two nations in affection of Coffe Culture.

Malaysian Horror story and culture

There are 20 presenters with each topic that being the task to present and sharing of knowledge, comparison, and similarity between Malaysia and Australia.

May this relationship will nurture in sharing knowledge and expertise between two higher education institution.

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