ALFA College act as Preparatory of TESOL program

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ALFA College act as Preparatory of TESOL program

SS15, Subang Jaya – On 7th October 2019, Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) of ALFA College, Mr Fairuz Kamarulzaman had attending function at International TEFL Training Institute of Malaysia which was a function to sign ALFA International College as Preparatory Place for TESOL program.

With the current program that is offered Certificate of English Language, TESOL is an added value for the Certificate of English Language program. Instead of a student will get an IELTS certificate under the Certificate of English Language program, students will be prepared also with TESOL.

Mr Fairuz Kamarulzaman ( CEO of ALFA International College)

What is TESOL actually?

As you may already know, TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and encompasses what used to be called TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).

Generally, TEFL emphasizes aspects of teaching English in countries where English is not widely used in daily life, such as Russia, China, France, and Brazil.

The term TESL tends to emphasize the needs of learners who will use English in their daily lives, in addition to their mother-tongue. In many countries, such as Zambia and India for example, English is used as an official language in government, in business, in newspapers, TV, and radio as well as being the main medium of educational instruction in schools and colleges, as well as universities.

The acronym TESOL encompasses both TESL and TEFL and is very widely used around the world.

Good teachers of English, whether they are TESOL, TEFL or TESL-qualified, adapt their teaching methods, their expectations of students, their teaching materials and their classroom activities to their local environment and the needs of their learners.

TESOL Direct certificate accredited by ACREDITAT

Thousands of teachers around the world have found this an invaluable certificate-level qualification. Having a TESOL DirectTESOL Certificate will give you the skills to teach English to speakers of other languages in the UK and abroad. It provides a solid basis for teachers and for developing personal expertise in a diverse range of English teaching situations.

The demand for teachers with training in TESOL is very high around the world, and schools and colleges in many areas are urgently looking for native speakers and non-native speakers with high-level English language skills.

The fact that our 150-hour and 110-hour TESOL training courses are accredited by ACCREDITAT ensures the quality of the course materials and the experience of the trainers; as a result, this TESOL qualification is accepted all over the world. Independent TESOL certification is a vital element of any professional training programme.

TESOL-direct has been providing TESOL – TEFL courses for 20 years and now provides training in 22 countries.

Mr Fairuz Kamarulzaman received MoU of TESOL Preparatory Program
Mr Fairuz Kamarulzaman with staff and chairman of International TEFL Training Institution of Malaysia

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