National Outstanding Educator – Mr Koh Sim Hoo

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May 27 , 2019 / Posted by SY Tee / News & Events /

National Outstanding Educator – Mr Koh Sim Hoo

KUALA LUMPUR – Mr Koh Sim Hoo was selected as one of the National Outstanding Educator under the college category during the Private Education Excellence Award & Teachers Day Celebration which was held on last Saturday, 25 May 2019.

He is a senior lecturer from ALFA College teaching art and design. He stood out from more than 70 finalists. Panel judges recognized his outstanding work in promoting lunar New Year related activities. He also earned a lot of credits from wide coverage by the media.

“I did not expect to win and I am so honoured. I was literary shaking when I was on the stage,” said Mr Koh Sim Hoo.

Koperasi Pendidikan Swasta Malaysia Berhad, also known as Private Education Co-operative of Malaysia, had organized this year’s event in Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. This was the fifth annual event since 2015. They hope to provide more recognition to educators, researchers, and institution from private sectors.