We are part of Pangkor Island Festival 2017

ALFA CollegeNews & EventsWe are part of Pangkor Island Festival 2017

We are part of Pangkor Island Festival 2017

Thirty three students including lecturers of Diploma in Architecture, Interior Architecture, Graphic Design, and Multimedia Design were in Pangkor Island, Perak from 14 to 17 Nov 2017 to participate in the organizing of Pangkor Island Festival 2017.

During this 4 days 3 nights, students had produced various displays and sculptures for the upcoming festival which includes a Pavilion, a Dome, few installation arts, and a mural. Students also had the chance to meet few local and international artists during this few days.

Community service class for August-December semester also was here to create enviromental awareness as they cleaned the seashore and performed a play to the primary school students.

It is ALFA’s philosophy to bring real industrial projects to the students and at the same time giving back to the community.

Few students felt excited as this is their first time to step foot in Pangkor Island and they had the chance to visit various historical and tourist spots during this trip.

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